Happy 200th, Boys

NOON -- Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin shared the same birthday, 200 years ago today. A banner day. Last year, Newsweek fatuously outlined the eeerie parallels between the two. For example:

    Both lost their mothers in early childhood. Both suffered from depression... and both wrestled with religious doubt. Each had a strained relationship with his father, and each of them lost children to early death...
Well, yes. But apart from the qualities that they shared with virtually everyone born in the 19th century, The Light Reading Monkey Historical Research Institute has uncovered some truly striking things the two have in common:

  • They were both Aquarians.
  • They both had beards.
  • Their first names each contain seven letters.
  • While Lincoln was President of the United States, Darwin was Secretary of the Geological Society.
  • They were both fond of pigeons (tentative conclusion).
  • They are both reviled in Mississippi.
I could go on... But Happy Birthday to them both!

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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