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Haggis Profiling Continues

Larry, Monkey
Monkey Bidness
Larry, Monkey

3:00 PM -- More sad news on the Haggis front, as the BBC reports:

    Scots Americans were rejoicing [Monday, Burns Night, a.k.a. Heartburn Night] as news circulated that the US government was planning to lift a 21-year ban on Scottish haggis. Just one problem… it may not happen.

Seems to have originally had something to do with that whole Mad Cow brouhaha. (Remember that? If not, consult a neurologist at once.) But a large part of the problem, according to the Beeb, is that "since 1971 the US has banned food made with sheep's lung."

And, of course, as the story concludes:

    Haggis producer Fraser MacGregor of Cockburn's in Dingwall says, "If it hasn't got lamb's lung, it isn't haggis."
Words to live by!

— Larry of Cockburn's in Dingwall, Light Reading

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12/5/2012 | 4:44:02 PM
re: Haggis Profiling Continues

Haggis producer Fraser MacGregor of Cockburn's in Dingwall says, "If it hasn't got lamb's lung, it isn't haggis."

Fraser MacGregor? Cockburn's? Dingwall? All in a quote about haggis?

Are you sure the BBC didn't make all this up?

Larry, Monkey
Larry, Monkey
12/5/2012 | 4:44:01 PM
re: Haggis Profiling Continues
Grrrrrreat quote, right?
If it's not Scottish, it's crrrap!
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