Got Security. Got Time?

7:00 PM -- Last week found Red Panda curled up in a small furry Pandaball in a departure lounge at Las Vegas airport, waiting to board his plane back to Newark when, of a sudden, a man with a back pack ran across the departure lounge and down the skyway onto the plane, unhindered by security, flight attendants, or, for that matter, a closed door (embarkation had not yet started).

Being a good citizen (and not being real keen on getting blown out of the friendly skies of America by Arab terrorists) Red Panda promptly squeaked a warning to one of the desk team who took PROMPT ACTION -- namely, reprimanding Red Panda for interrupting his conversation ("Can't you see I'm talking?" etc.).

Eventually he did condescend to slouch down the skyway and throw the errant passenger off the plane, and even bothered to close and lock the door to the skyway afterwards.

Staff of Continental Airlines, we salute your casual commitment to security in a post 9/11 world!

— Red Panda, Concerned Citizen, Light Reading

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