Gorillas Demeaned

9:45 AM -- Reuters reports from Prague:

    Big Brother is about to become monkey business.

    Inspired by the television reality show, Czech public radio and television broadcasters have announced that on November 7, they will begin airing a new show that will follow the lives of four gorillas living together at the Prague Zoo.

    The show, to be called Odhaleni (Discovery), will see the primates -- one male, two females and one baby -- battle it out for a grand prize of 12 melons, a delicacy for gorillas.

    "What the gorillas do is up to them," said Prague Zoo gorilla trainer Marek Zdansky.
Well. Mostly what they do is scratch themselves. And they tend to vomit a lot. I love my great, lumbering, endangered cousins, but they're hardly as exciting as carny freaks throwing dishes at each other.

Still, they used to have their dignity.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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