Google Teaches 'How To'

4:45 PM -- Under the category Fun and Games, iGoogle hosts wikiHow, the collaborative, online how-to manual boasting 5,254,843 users. In perusing past how-to manuals, I came across this pertinent lesson in sock puppeting:

    You'll never know what happened to that missing sock, but now you know what to do with its other half. A few "orphan" socks from your laundry room can be made into a soft, huggable new doll.

Caution: Only hug a sock if it is A) on its way out of the laundry room; and B) not on somebody's foot.

With the simple 13-step method listed on wikiHow, you can potentially turn your old gym sock into this blonde bombshell.

On the list of "Things You'll Need," the wiki includes:

  • Three ankle socks, preferably of one color
  • Scraps of cloth
  • Cotton for stuffing
  • Sewing equipment- needles, thread, scissors.
  • Beads, buttons, markers, googly eyes,and/or yarn

On Red Panda’s list of "Things You Won’t Need" are:

  • A life
  • A desire for acceptance
  • Shoes

— Red Panda, Stuff This, Light Reading

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