Ultra-Broadband Summit, Hong Kong

HONG KONG -- Ultra-Broadband Summit (UBBS) -- Network operators and other communications service providers from all over the Asia-Pacific region have converged on Hong Kong for the first leg of the Ultra-Broadband Summit (UBBS) World Tour to chat about their broadband, cloud, video and fixed-mobile convergence business models and networking strategies.

Light Reading is on hand to find out who is sharing their views and to capture the event in pictures. Click on the shot below to start our slideshow.

Connecting Asia
Huawei's UBB roadshow comes to Hong Kong, home to some of the highest-speed broadband connections on the planet.
Huawei's UBB roadshow comes to Hong Kong, home to some of the highest-speed broadband connections on the planet.

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kq4ym 5/10/2016 | 2:55:56 PM
Re: ICT 2020 I wonder if there was any symbolism in David Sun's podium planted with a huge array of yellow flowers. Maybe a connection of huge floral display to "ultra" broadband plans?
Buyer18519 5/3/2016 | 3:39:19 AM
G.Fast Update? Were there anything about G.Fast in Ultra-Broadband Summit ?
DanJones 4/29/2016 | 11:37:09 AM
Re: How many generations... Who said anything about it being as challenging as 5G, of course not. Ray asked if there could be further LTE variants.
TV Monitor 4/28/2016 | 11:19:26 PM
Re: How many generations... Dan Jones

They are minor parameter adjustments for specific usage conditions. It is nothing as challenging as 5G.
DanJones 4/28/2016 | 9:51:05 PM
Re: How many generations... Right dude! No work to be done on Narrow Band LTE or anything like that. Of course not, hahaha!
brooks7 4/28/2016 | 8:51:26 PM
Re: ICT 2020 I think you guys need to take a look at the gaming community and VR.  It is a hugely cautionary tale here.


alanbreznick 4/28/2016 | 8:31:15 PM
Re: ICT 2020 And that makes me think of the Holodeck on the various "Star Trek" series. Only another 150 years or so in the future.
TV Monitor 4/28/2016 | 7:41:07 PM
Re: How many generations... Dan Jones

"We could potentially have at least one more version of LTE."

No, LTE is done growing. Sure, there are going to be more fine-tunings like 8x8 MIMO, 256QAM, NB-LTE, and LTE-U, but OFDM is mature as technology.

OFDM is also unsuitable for mmwave transmission, so it will have to be replaced in 5G era.
Alison_ Diana 4/28/2016 | 4:19:41 PM
Re: ICT 2020 You can imagine it being useful in medicine and other forms of education. Definitely for military training. And I think the milennials and especially the younger people coming after them may well find very good uses for VR beyond my imagination. This is the group growing up on Snapchat, Kix, Whisper and all sorts of apps. I can't but think they'll have no problem embracing VR in multiple forms.
Alison_ Diana 4/28/2016 | 4:16:55 PM
Re: ICT 2020 We're only just beginning to see how these techs will be integrated. Just think at how clunky still social media is integrated into old standbys like TV! I mean, only a few channels or programs, even, get it right. When you consider holograms and totally transformative technologies like that, it will take some really creative people who look at the world in entirely different ways to come up with innovative, useful formulas vs. eye candy.
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