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Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit

After a slow start on the gigabit trail, cable operators are now pressing forward rapidly to deploy -- or at least promote -- new gigabit-per-second Internet services.

After Cox Communications Inc. became the first cable company to commit to a full rollout of gigabit services last year, the company announced Tuesday at the Internet & Technology Expo that it's now delivering gigabit Internet to customers in parts of Phoenix, Ariz.; Orange County, Calif.; Omaha, Neb.; and Las Vegas, Nev. It's also planning to expand the Gigablast service to parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Oklahoma and Virginia this summer.

"We started in Phoenix last fall, but we have not stopped there. We are excited to have the choice of gigabit speeds available to more customers today, and we're adding new building projects every month," said Cox President Pat Esser.

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Meanwhile Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) CEO Brian Roberts teased the future of his company's gigabit services with the introduction of a new Gigabit Home Gateway, which he announced during his INTX keynote speech. Currently, Comcast is deploying gigabit Internet in select markets using a fiber-to-the-home strategy. (See Comcast Preps 2-Gig Service… Over Fiber and Comcast Takes Its Gig to South Florida.)

The new gateway, however, supports DOCSIS 3.1, which means it will facilitate gigabit-per-second speeds over legacy hybrid fiber coax networks.

The new gigabit gateway is also notable because it was designed to support a mix of video, WiFi and smart home services. It integrates software from PowerCloud -- a company that Comcast purchased in 2014 -- that gives users the ability to control how WiFi bandwidth is allocated to different devices. The gateway is also based on the new open-sourced RDK-B software stack. (See Comcast Sweeps Up PowerCloud and RDK Spreads Its Wings.)

Comcast hasn't revealed any partners that contributed to the new gateway, but has only said that the product was "developed by our teams here in Philadelphia and Silicon Valley." It's expected to be available in early 2016.

— Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, Light Reading

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steve q 5/11/2015 | 12:18:09 PM
Re: Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit True but the cost can work for the union in a better way . They can provide a smarter form of fios that more customers can enjoy .
brooks7 5/11/2015 | 9:54:42 AM
Re: Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit "Maybe the union could let a different company put the fiber up and then the verizon employee can give a better product and will gain more customer then what they hope for."

Steve...good one!

The unions have fought FiOS the whole way.  Now, you want them to give away more jobs?


steve q 5/11/2015 | 12:33:08 AM
Re: Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit That could work if this company was looking at Fios like they said at the start.Maybe the union could let a different company put the fiber up and then the verizon employee can give a better product and will gain more customer then what they hope for.
brooks7 5/10/2015 | 12:52:13 AM
Re: Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit Steve Q,

They can buy a DS-3.

And FiOS was primarily a residential product not a business product.


steve q 5/9/2015 | 11:10:27 PM
Re: Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit The only way customer that do not have Fios should force verizon to provide them fios internet. With most customer on dsl and the copper line that will not be replace by verizon there must be a way so those small business can still have a speed that is better then cable company like comcast . And that will be the big issue in area that verizon is not going to deal with. If Verizon wireless  has  some hotspots or have a data plan so customer can do there business verizon will loose the game to the cable and google fiber.
KBode 5/8/2015 | 12:04:21 PM
Re: Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit Another question is price. 1 gigabit is great at all, but not if it's being offered as a show pony at an entirely unreasonable price, with early termination fees, installation fees, activation fees, etc. In markets where Google Fiber or the like isn't creating downward market pricing pressure, gigabit lines are going to be little more than a marketing play to prop up the idea that the industry is cutting edge.
KBode 5/8/2015 | 12:02:25 PM
Re: Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit I read a report this week that Verizon is planning to get out of the landline business completely within the next decade. So yes, most if not all of the folks waiting for FiOS will be waiting...forever.
brooks7 5/7/2015 | 5:45:59 PM
Re: Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit Cable won't either. They will just do bonded Docsis. No need to spend if there is not competition. seven
steve q 5/7/2015 | 4:01:55 PM
Re: Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit Oh sad thing I work for them and have been told that fios is dead. And they only working on 5g, sad to say that not going to happen fast then those cable companies roll out fiber to home that verizon fios is not at or going to be. Like cape code ma, or Boston MA. Verizon need to fios data or loose the ccustomers to cable and Google.
DHagar 5/7/2015 | 3:51:25 PM
Re: Cablecos Going Gaga Over Gigabit steve q, good points.  Yes, the race is on with the cable companies, even Wheeler commented on that yesterday and said they better get in the game!
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