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West Coast Gets Its First 10-Gig City

What started out as an education-based initiative in Dayton, Oregon, has evolved into a program offering 10-gigabit-per-second broadband services to local businesses and residential customers alike.

And, according to technology provider Adtran Inc. (Nasdaq: ADTN), that broadband access has made Dayton the first official 10-Gig city on the west coast.

Since 2014, the Dayton School District has teamed up with Innovate Oregon to pair area schools and students with local businesses. A big part of that initiative has meant ensuring high-speed broadband connectivity, and for that, Dayton brought in Internet service provider OnlineNW as part of a public/private partnership.

Initially, OnlineNW's role was only to provide connectivity for the new Innovate Dayton initiative, but the ISP decided there was an opportunity to expand high-speed broadband access throughout the community. The company entered into a revenue-sharing agreement with the school district, and the district's proceeds from that arrangement will be used for student-led community development projects.

How was the new 10-Gig service built? OnlineNW is using Adtran's XGS-PON solution alongside its GPON, fiber-to-the-home deployment in the area. According to the company, about 10% of the fiber infrastructure was already in place when it brought Adtran in for the upgrade.

Coexistence with already-deployed GPON technology is one of the advantages Adtran touts with XGS-PON. So far, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has only reached first-stage approval of the new standard, but Adtran has been promoting it heavily as a cost-effective intermediate step between today's GPON networks and future NG-PON2 networks, which should ultimately support symmetrical services with speeds up to 40 Gbits/s and beyond. (See Gigabites: Google, ITU Think Beyond the Gig.)

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An OnlineNW spokesperson clarified to Light Reading how its new 10-Gig service is rolling out to the market.

"At this time, 10-Gig speeds will be available to both our business and residential customers in Dayton, just not as one of our standard offerings," said the spokesperson. "Initially, we will be providing custom quotes for the 10-Gig service. When the demand for this level of service increases, we expect to be rolling this into our standard offerings. We are strategically architecting our network to future-proof our service offerings to meet the long-term needs of the Dayton community."

Adtran previously announced the start of several 10-Gig broadband trials, but the company only named one customer, Jackson Energy Authority, before today. (See Adtran Launches 10-Gig Trials.)

For those keeping track at home, other 10-Gig residential services available in the US include those offered by EPB in Chattanooga, Fibrant in Salisbury and Rocket Fiber in Detroit. (See Gigabites: EPB Signs First 10-Gig Customer, Carolina Town Becomes First US 10-Gig City and Gigabites: 10-Gig Is the New Gigabit.)

— Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, Light Reading

Michelle 5/31/2016 | 12:13:23 PM
Re: great news! @daniel I think we'd all be pleased with access to 10-gig. :) I would like some of these providers to go small and work through smaller areas. This probably makes no sense in business terms -- would still be nice.
danielcawrey 5/30/2016 | 5:42:22 PM
Re: great news! The west coast needs more 10-Gig cities. This is great news, but in order for there to be maximum benefit to more bandwidth, more cities need to take part. I'm confident that will happen because the demand is certainly there. 
Consulta28673 5/29/2016 | 12:26:25 AM
Re: great news! This is my hometown. This ISP operates a fixed wireless system and it's very good compared to DSL but still I think too slow for what it could be. This is their first fiber endeavor frontier doesn't do FiOS (only DSL) in this town yet but there is Comcast. I'd like to see this ISP up their ante in the whole zip code not just a few streets in town and the school. I wonder if they got a usda or some government subsidy to do it?
KBode 5/27/2016 | 8:16:22 AM
10 Gig Interesting that of the three major 10 gig deployments, two are municipal efforts and one is from the founder of Quicken Loans. None are actually a major ISP. 
MBrown69 5/27/2016 | 7:55:31 AM
:) This is absolutely amazing news. West Coast is making a great progress!
jayakd0 5/26/2016 | 12:58:32 PM
great news! Definitely businesses and campuses will consume this bandwidth pretty quickly with multiple users/devices subtended from the ONT. But curious, what are those killer service(s), this large 10Gb/s pipe enables for residential customers at this point?
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