Gigabit Cities

Time for Gigabit Europe?

Gigabit broadband networks are springing up all around the US and they'll soon become more commonplace in Europe.

cpl375 2/10/2015 | 1:08:07 AM
Regulatory Environment in France What do you think of the structure in France and independent wholesale fiber operators like Covage? http://www.covage.com/
mhhf1ve 2/9/2015 | 5:34:34 PM
Interesting to see how different markets develop... Given the different regulatory environments of various countries, it'll be interesting to see how the EU and the US develop their next gen broadband services. It will also be interesting to see how wireless broadband expands and how much mobile matters or competes with (or augments?) wireline deployments
jasonmeyers 2/9/2015 | 3:48:32 PM
Re: I never said I was eloquent... More eloquent than I, anyway... And I agree -- it's going to be really interesting to watch European cities pursue this sector, and compare it with the strategies of telecom providers, cable operators, ISPs, municipalities and utilities in North America. 
[email protected] 2/9/2015 | 11:07:39 AM
I never said I was eloquent... Since recordingh that blog I ordered a new tongue and can now get through a sentence without tripping over it....

Some days I just can't talk proper.

Now.... we get to see in the coming 10 months whether my faith in the European broadband market is in any way justified.

But if there are 1 Gig broadband developments ongoing in the UK, of all places, that has GOT to be a healthy sign for the region. I'll be taking a very good look at all the m arkets and catching up with some of teh developments in Eastern Europe eg Lithuanaia to see how they have developed and whether they are on course to offer gigabit broadband. 
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