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Google Eyes Chicago & LA for Fiber Expansion

Google could soon be taking on its biggest gigabit fiber challenge yet, potentially bringing its branded service to the cities of Chicago and Los Angeles.

Google Fiber Inc. said Tuesday that it is inviting the governments of Chicago and Los Angeles to explore bringing Google Fiber to their cities. "Home to a combined 6+ million people, Chicago and LA are the two largest metros we've engaged with to date," writes Jill Szuchmacher, director of Google Fiber expansion, in a blog on the plans.

Just because Google is eyeing adding 1Gbit/s service in Chicago and LA, of course, doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen. The company first works with city leaders -- using a requirements checklist -- to get to know what it needs to do to build out such an infrastructure.

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Google Fiber is already operational in Kansas City, Mo.; Austin, Texas; and Provo, Utah. A deployment in Chicagoland or the City of Angels would be an order of magnitude above Google's current operations though.

Google's pricing on its fiber offering has also set the level for other gigabit offerings as well. The company offers a very basic Internet for free, Gigabit Internet is $70 a month, Gigabit Internet plus TV is $130 a month.

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    — Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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