Gigabit Cities

Gigabit Cities: All You Need to Know

Just as electricity lit up America's cities in the early 20th century, it's the glitter of gigabit broadband that's attracting infrastructure investment in many of the nation's communities today. The broadband revolution has the same level of impact as that spread of electric power long ago: life-changing innovation, a cascade effect of new technology solutions and business models and rigorous (sometimes rancorous) debate over access and capital costs.

Is gigabit broadband important? How do we pay for it? What technologies should we use to upgrade existing networks? What role should municipalities play in infrastructure development? How are the most successful public and private network operators making gigabit deployments work? And what should we expect next in gigabit-connected cities?

All of these issues come together in the program for our Gigabit Cities Live event on April 5 in Charlotte, N.C. (Register now for Gigabit Cities Live and join us for this important event.)

On Tuesday, April 5, we'll open the day with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Counselor Gigi Sohn and a discussion of broadband regulation and the gigabit landscape. Later we'll bring top network executives to the stage from AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) and Cox Communications Inc. to talk about DOCSIS 3.1 and next-generation PON for fiber to the home.

Join us. Register now for Gigabit Cities Live taking place this year on April 5 in Charlotte, N.C.

Google Fiber Inc. Director of Business Operations Michael Slinger will outline how his company is approaching network deployments in different cities. And Charlotte's own CIO, Jeff Stovall, alongside numerous other municipal representatives from North Carolina and beyond, will share real-world stories of making gigabit broadband a reality.

Plus, for the first time this year, our Gigabit Cities Live event will delve into smart city applications, with US Ignite COO Joe Kochan joining us on a panel that will cover research and development opportunities in the smart city arena and commercial smart city experiments like LinkNYC in New York City.

It's not too late to sign up for Gigabit Cities Live. We're headed to Charlotte next week with some of the top leaders in the gigabit revolution.

We hope to see you there.

— Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, Light Reading

msilbey 3/30/2016 | 3:22:19 PM
Re: Evolution It is ad-supported and rolling out now. We'll hear more about it at our conference next week. the director of LinkNYC had a last-minute conflict, but we're bringing in an exec from CIVIQ Smartscapes, which is the company behind the actual Link structures that are being deployed.
jbtombes 3/29/2016 | 6:16:22 PM
Re: Evolution Scares you? That's an odd comment. The US Ignite addition looks promising, Mari, as do the funding and competitive implications. Like wasn't LinkNYC supposed to be ad-supported? Wonder how that's going.
masterenaud 3/28/2016 | 8:21:18 PM
Evolution To be honest, this city scares me.
DHagar 3/28/2016 | 4:50:03 PM
Re: Gigabit Cities @msilbey, thanks!  I know whatever you cover and report will be of great value.  I see Smart and Gigabit Cities as the potential true backbone of connectivity and a key bridge in public/private digital transformation.  Your leadership on this is outstanding!
msilbey 3/28/2016 | 4:41:14 PM
Re: Gigabit Cities Thanks, @DHagar. I'm still trying to confirm if we'll have a video crew on site. There won't be much in the way of materials because we've set this up to be a mix of panels and 1:1 discussions on stage. However, we'll have editors there to cover the event in addition to running the show, so expect to see a range of stories during and after the conference. 
DHagar 3/28/2016 | 4:20:42 PM
Re: Gigabit Cities @MSilbey, outstanding agenda and reporting - such a key issue for the future!  Your leadership is outstanding!

Quick ? - Will LR be broadcasting any of the sessions or be doing a Radio broadcast following?  Or providing materials? 

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