Pics From Poland: FTTH Conference

WARSAW -- FTTH Conference 2015 -- Every year the FTTH Council Europe chooses a different location for its annual fiber broadband conference and exhibition that attracts almost 3,000 registrations, and this year it's the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

Poland in February? Yes, it's a bit chilly, but the welcome is very warm and there's a little bit more of a buzz around the show floor this year as market trends suggest growing investment in next-gen fixed broadband across the European region.

According to statistics gathered by Heavy Reading analyst-at-large Graham Finnie, there were 30.7 million FTTH/B lines in use at the end of 2014 in the European region (a total of 44 countries from Iceland in the west to Russia and Kazakhstan in the east that in aggregate have 324 million households). According to his market projections, that number will more than double to 61.6 million by the end of 2019.

And with investments expected in G.fast and VDSL vectoring rollouts as well as Docsis 3.x by the region's cable operators, there's a real sense that the fixed broadband sector is on a roll again. (See Time for Gigabit Europe?)

And who knows which big names might turn up in the near future! (See Does Google Fiber Have Renewed Euro Ambitions?)

So here are my pics from the first morning of the show. Click on the picture below to launch the slideshow.

Welcome to Warsaw!
Personally, I was thrilled to find that there wasn't three feet of snow in Warsaw in February (at least not this year).
Personally, I was thrilled to find that there wasn't three feet of snow in Warsaw in February (at least not this year).

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Susan Fourtané 2/14/2015 | 2:26:20 PM
Sweets What are those things in the candy basket that look like eggs, or golf balls? 

Susan Fourtané 2/14/2015 | 2:13:51 PM
Re: Have some beer Mitch, 
"As well, the word "want" is optional." 

 Contributing to the economy of words. :)

Mitch Wagner 2/12/2015 | 5:42:18 PM
Have some beer There really is no need to get creative about offering people beer. "Want beer?" is fine. As well, the word "want" is optional. 
kq4ym 2/12/2015 | 3:11:48 PM
Re: No shortage of show floor interest I wonder if Google will be getting as active over there as they are most everywhere else. Even Cuba had a recent visit from Google execs and google email accounts are now showing up here and there from Cubans. 
jasonmeyers 2/12/2015 | 9:47:34 AM
Re: No shortage of show floor interest What are some of the gigabit applications being most discussed? Curious if those trends are similar between Europe and North America. Here, besides faster Netflix streaming, the primary focus seems to be on telehealth and education apps. 
[email protected] 2/12/2015 | 2:35:39 AM
No shortage of show floor interest What my pictures don't show - because shots of people standing on a show floor looking at stuff and each other are not very stimulating -- is that the show floor at this event is very busy. THis is one of the few industry events left where people come to the show floor to see network elements (fibers, connectors etc) and to learn stuff. 
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