DASAN Unveils G.fast Gear

DASAN Networks, a global network solution provider in Korea (MinWoo Nam, CEO, www.dasannetworks.com) announced that it has completed development of G.fast technology that enables gigabit speeds over copper infrastructure.

G.fast technology is a next generation network solution that extends gigabit services with copper wire. Service providers can save installation costs significantly without major upgrades of existing infrastructure, while offering ultra-fast broadband service to customers.

Defined as ITU-T standard G.9700/G.9701, G.fast technology is getting increasingly popular worldwide due to its advantage of increasing broadband capacity without re-cabling into all-fiber infrastructure, especially in areas that only have telephone lines or historical sites where, due to preservation, it is difficult to execute major construction.

Leading this trend, DASAN Networks has developed G.fast solution targeting both global and local markets.

DASN Networks’ G.fast solution meets global market requirements by adopting global standard ITU-T G.9700/G.9701, and is designed with high reliability by effectively minimizing crosstalk through vectoring technology.

DASAN Networks also provides G.fast total solution from its high capacity equipment for service provider’s central office to customer premise equipment (CPE) to ensure efficient management.

DASAN Zhone Solutions Inc.

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