BT Updates on G.fast Plans

Peter Bell, CIO at Openreach, the access network division at UK incumbent BT, provides an update on the operator's G.fast trials and how Openreach is planning to deploy the broadband technology in its street cabinets.

Shalife 10/4/2015 | 1:21:25 AM
Re: Interesting and massive challenge one way to make FTTdp more economically feasible is by using reverse power feed from the CPE and eliminates the need to hook up the DPU to local. Not only it would save the smart meter hook up costs, but also allow telcos more flexibility with installations.
[email protected] 10/2/2015 | 10:48:50 AM
Interesting and massive challenge G.fast as a mass market tech depliyed at milliosn of distribution points doesn't stack up economically, so it needs to be deployed from street cabinets.

IF (and I stress the IF) the chipset and system vendors can get G.fast to deliver 300-500 Mbit/s over copper loops of more than 300 meters that is a GAME CHANGER for incumbent telcos.

so the question is - can the ecosystem deliver? And can it deliver in time?
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