Geyser: Third Time Lucky?

After a search that started way back last spring, Geyser Networks Inc. has finally named John Vice, a former Nortel exec, as its new, permanent CEO.

Staff at the startup, which is developing a multiservice provisioning platfom, must be hoping that this is going to be "third time's the charm" -- because Vice is CEO number three at Geyser.

One previous incumbent was Joe Savage, appointed interim CEO back in April 2000 but repositioned elsewhere in the company when funding time rolled around. Savage subsequently left (see Former Geyser CEO Finds New Home). Wu Fu Chen, Geyser's founder and main financier, filled in as Geyser's CEO before and after Savage (see CEO Bloodbath Points to Pressure).

So, can Vice bring success to Geyser? It's tough to tell because Vice doesn't have any previous experience as a CEO -- or in the optical field or in a startup, for that matter. Before coming to Geyser, Vice spent 19 years at Nortel Networks Corp. (NYSE/Toronto: NT), where he was vice (what else?) president and general manager of Nortel’s wireless solutions.

On the other hand, Vice has been working for Wu Fu Chen's venture firm, Crimson Ventures, since he quit Nortel last July. Which is to say, it looks as though Wu Fu Chen has satisfied himself that Vice is up to the job.

Vice says his experience developing and expanding Nortel’s wireless sector into a multibillion-dollar business has given him strong leadership skills that he can parlay into his new position, despite his lack of optical expertise. Time will tell whether he's right.

-- Marguerite Reardon, senior editor, Light Reading, http://www.lightreading.com

Marguerite Reardon 12/4/2012 | 9:00:40 PM
re: Geyser: Third Time Lucky? Is Geyser on the right track? Or is its revolving CEO past going to catch up with it?
sonet slinger 12/4/2012 | 9:00:39 PM
re: Geyser: Third Time Lucky?
three CEOs...one vaporware product...and cisco's chevy parts (454, 327) will be a certain death for this company.

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