Garbage-Man Saved

2:00 PM -- The Associated Press reports on a heartwarming rescue of a man who was almost sent to Garbage Heaven:

    A man who awoke inside a garbage truck that was about to compact its load was rescued after making a frantic cell phone call to police, authorities say.

Praise wireless technology! Long live the telecom industry!

    The man, who is unemployed but not homeless, was scavenging for bottles Thursday when he fell asleep in a Dumpster, said police Lt. Mike Pousak. He awoke when the container was unloaded into a truck.

Gosh, as if being unemployed isn't bad enough. Now he's being mistaken for a piece of garbage. Somebody call Oprah -- this man needs a hug!

    "An officer went and pounded on the side of the truck and somebody pounded back," Pousak said.

Could've just been some bad leftovers.

    "If I was him I would go to church and play the lottery because today was his lucky day," the police officer said.

Church would also be a better place to take a nap.

— Red "Recycle" Panda, Light Reading

sfwriter 12/5/2012 | 3:17:11 PM
re: Garbage-Man Saved Amazing that even unemployed people who fall asleep in dumpsters have cell phones these days. And what incredible E911 service if the police could track down that man in a moving garbage truck. Is Stephen Glass now writing for AP?
CoolLightGeek 12/5/2012 | 3:17:10 PM
re: Garbage-Man Saved Oak Park better get their water checked....

Just last month this same "Lt. Mike Pousak" of the police had the woman who wanted the police to check to see if her reefer was tainted.


Oak Pack is also the place with a head shot (not the Kodak variey) of the fiance...

In April, a woman went wild in a Hummer...


And to prove you can always trust the everything in the news...

Megan Shannon - All Headline News Staff Writer
is reporting that the garbage truck/cellphone incident actually happened in New Jersey, not Michigan.


PetPanda 12/5/2012 | 3:17:08 PM
re: Garbage-Man Saved Well, if the Associated Press is correct, and it did take place in Oak Park, it all makes perfect sense. The official City of Oak Park Website (http://www.oakpark-mi.com/) offers rules on what to recycle and also asks that citizens be patient while waiting for DPW employees to come pick up their leaves. It does not, however, mention the protocol on napping in dumpsters.
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