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Verizon to Use 'Integrated Access Backhaul' for Fiber-Less 5G

Verizon plans to make use of a new technology that would allow the operator to deploy 5G transmitters into locations where fiber is not available.

Inside T-Mobile's New 'Home Internet' Business

A deep dive into T-Mobile's fixed wireless service over LTE – complete with detailed commentary from a current customer – offers some interesting insights into what it means for Internet service in the future.

Looking Back: Comcast's Breakthrough X1 Video Service Turns 10

Whispers about Comcast's next-video platform began to spread a decade ago at Cable-Tec Expo in Denver. Here's a look back at its journey from a secretive project originally called 'Excalibur' to a widely deployed product under the X1 banner.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom Reaches Out to 'Smart Factory' Partners

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: X marks the 5G spot for Nokia; Ofcom probes EE outage; Austrians are thrilled by WhatsApp.

T-Mobile to Test Microsoft's 'Project xCloud' Game Streaming on Mobile in US

Microsoft is opening its Project xCloud game streaming service to commercial testing, and T-Mobile has signed on as a supporting mobile network partner. But it's unclear whether telecom networks are ready for video game streams.

The Complexity of Edge Computing

There are many tough questions for telcos looking to build out edge computing resources, including what they should deploy in terms of IT hardware from day one, notes Heavy Reading Analyst Simon Stanley.

FUD Still Weighs on Telco Edge Computing

While some operators have embraced edge computing, it seems that fear, uncertainty and doubt still weigh heavy on the edge computing strategic thinking of many service providers.

Getting Ready for the Visual Cloud

In a half-day conference at IBC in Amsterdam next week, Intel and partners will show off the visual cloud and demonstrate how it can deliver rich, immersive, interactive video experiences and graphics-based workloads.

CableLabs Looks Outward With '4Front' Event

Organization hopes to draw 1,500 for 4Front, a cross-industry event set for June 23-24, 2020, in Denver that will span areas such as gaming, broadband, healthcare, AI, automotive and security.

Nintendo Investigating 5G, but 'We Don't Chase Trends'

Wireless industry executives tout 5G as ideal for gaming and other high-speed services, but executives at video game company Nintendo are taking a wait-and-see approach.

CableLabs Unleashes Specs for Low-Latency DOCSIS

A component of cable's '10G' initiative, the new spec targets sub-1 millisecond latencies that can be enabled with software upgrades to existing DOCSIS 3.1 equipment and used for online gaming, VR apps.

DT's Lautz on Edge Computing Trials

At the 5G World event in London, Deutsche Telekom Senior VP of 5G, Alexander Lautz, discusses the German operator's edge computing tests and trials.

Putting a Price on Latency: Startup Network Next Aims to Fix Internet Routing

With things like Google Stadia and 5G putting a new focus on real-time connections, startup Network Next hopes its AdWords-inspired approach to Internet routing will catch on.

Podcast: Apple Makes Itself Right at Home

In addition to big, expensive Macs and multiple OS updates, Apple's WWDC featured a Homekit improvement to make smart homes more secure and several tweaks to ease consumer worries about how it deals with their data.

Eurobites: Ofcom Opens Up BT's Ducts Some More

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Safaricom and Vodacom form JV to buy rights to M-Pesa; Three drops Huawei 5G phone; Huawei warns of Berlin Wall effect; happy birthday to GDPR.

CableLabs Seeks to Supercharge WiFi

New open source project from CableLabs focuses on 'Dual Channel WiFi' technology that can set up dedicated channels for specific apps and traffic types such as streaming video and online gaming.

Android App Developers Get '5G Mode'

A new API from Qualcomm promises to give Android Q app developers information about how fast users' 5G phones will go. But don't expect a 5G 'killer app' anytime soon.

CenturyLink's Walker: More Edges, More Efficiency

Bill Walker explains how edge computing has allowed operators to decompose applications and distribute them on the network.

Cox Tests Premium Low-Lag Gaming Service

MSO stresses that $14.99/month 'Cox Elite Gamer' service steers clear of net neutrality concerns because it does not prioritize or speed up Internet traffic.

Why a Megadeal Between Mobile & Hypercloud Could Happen

Mobile network operators like AT&T and Verizon might team with big cloud companies like Amazon or Microsoft to tackle edge computing.

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