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With the opportunity to showcase their 5G insights in Barcelona denied by the cancellation of MWC 2020, the Omdia analyst team gathered in London on February 26, 2020, to host a series of presentations and discuss key industry trends with invited guests from the likes of BT, IBM and Orange. Below is a selection of video highlights from the day, including analyst presentations and interviews on topics such as the development and evolution of the 5G market, edge computing, enterprise services and networks, streaming video services and more.


Future Vision Video

Omdia's Thomas Morrod on how 5G can impact GDP

Speaking at the recent Future Vision event in London, Omdia's research and analysis executive ...

Omdia's Dario Talmesio compares 5G hype and reality

At Informa Tech's Future Vision event in London, Dario Talmesio, principal analyst and practice ...

IBM: Enterprise edge and 5G – a connection too far?

IBM's Dennis Lauwers and Omdia's lead enterprise services analyst Camille Mendler discuss one of ...

Omdia's Camille Mendler: 5G just won't work without the edge

At Informa Tech's Future Vision event, IBM's Dennis Lauwers and Omdia's lead enterprise services ...

The impact of 5G on networks and markets

Omdia's Dario Talmesio and Tom Morrod look at the impact 5G will have on networks, markets, ...

Telcos could profit by aggregating video streaming ...

At Informa Tech's Future Vision event in London, Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre and Omdia ...

Future Vision: Omdia's Mike Philips on the Omdia advantage

Omdia's president and managing director Mike Philips gives the lowdown on the new industry ...

Future Vision: Panel – 5G goes mainstream

Telecoms.com's Jamie Davies hosts a panel discussion on the early days of 5G services with: Paul ...

Future Vision: Streaming services and the role of telcos

In this Future Vision presentation, Maria Rua Aguete, executive director – media, service ...

Future Vision: Foldables and 5G phones

Wayne Lam, director and principal analyst, mobile electronics at Omdia, looks at some of the key ...

Future Vision: Going big in AI and cybersecurity

Omdia's Bill Morelli and Evan Kirchheimer wrap up the Future Vision event with a quick look at ...

Edge and enterprise 5G the star turns at Omdia's Future ...

Light Reading's Iain Morris and Ray Le Maistre discuss two of the key topics discussed at ...

Future Vision Analysis

Shrinking the data center enlarges some CSP challenges

Moving the data center to the edge of the network poses some unique challenges to CSPs as they look ahead to 5G.

Moving on from spectrum policies of the 1990s

The right team of partners will be critical for MVNOs to succeed in a 5G world.

Bundling opportunities expected to reach $10 billion

Omdia's cinema analyst picks out a point or two from the Future Vision event in London.

Who owns enterprise 5G, Edge and LAN services?

Omdia's Camile Mendler spotlights how new technologies like 5G and the edge are challenging corporate boundaries.

Streaming video services and telcos need each other

Omdia's Maria Rua Aguete missed MWC, but said industry players can find new friends with telcos as streaming partners and content aggregators.

Future Vision takeaways – 5G early learnings

The 5G rollout is moving much more quickly than 4G did, and carriers at Informa Tech's Future Vision event in London share some of the early lessons in the massive upgrade process.

Service provider opportunities at the edge (of pure imagination)

Omdia's Evan Kirchheimer recaps a day of presentations on private networking, 5G, edge computing and enterprise services at Informa Tech's Future Vision event in London.
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