Fun-Free Playground

NOON -- Officious do-gooders are, yet again, thinking of the children, according to The Gazette of Colorado Springs:

    On the playground of a northern Colorado Springs elementary school, tag is not “it.”

    The touch-and-run game and any other form of chasing was banned this year at Discovery Canyon Campus’ elementary school by administrators who say it fuels schoolyard disputes.

    “It causes a lot of conflict on the playground,” said Assistant Principal Cindy Fesgen...
And Heaven forfend the little darlings should have to deal with conflicts among themselves.

    The Academy School District 20 elementary school isn’t the first in the Pikes Peak region to take issue with traditional recess games.

    In 2005, two elementaries in Falcon School District 49 adopted a structured recess program, Trouble-Free Playground, that did away with games like tag in favor of alternative activities that cut down on physical contact.
"Structured Recess." Don't that sound like fun? Hope it involves medication.

— Larry, Brave New Monkey, Light Reading

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