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Flarion Gears Up for 802.11

Flarion Technologies has made a move on the wireless LAN market following a partnership deal with Netgear Inc. (Nasdaq: NTGR) (see NetGear Flashes With Flarion).

The New Jersey-based startup is to integrate its Flash-OFDM technology into Netgear's 802.11 b/g products.

OFDM, which stands for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, is a modulation scheme that can support an average data rate of around 1.5 Mbit/s for users in a standard, PCS-sized cell site, while using only 1.25 MHz of spectrum.

"Product for mobile operator trials is expected in Q4 this year," says Netgear spokesman Doug Hagan. Both vendors declined to divulge further details.

Today's announcement is Flarion's second major OEM deal. Earlier this month the company struck a deal with Siemens AG (NYSE: SI; Frankfurt: SIE) to manufacture its Flash-OFDM kit for use by the German vendor in the 450MHz band (see Flarion Flashes With Siemens).

"We are beginning to see an ecosystem converge around Flash-OFDM," says Flarion's EMEA marketing director, Joe Barrett, in true marketing fashion. "It isn't an exclusive deal. We welcome multiple companies so we can build up this ecosystem."

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

wap545 12/5/2012 | 1:09:52 AM
re: Flarion Gears Up for 802.11 Really looking for more clarification on this announcement. If this is true and one can buy an off the shelf 802.11b/g PCMCIA card and access the Flarion system using the 1900mHZ spectrum they have something very powerful that will not only replace EV-DO and UMTS services but be a major blow to the WiFi and WiMAX WLAN markets.
Is this going to be a dual radio chip and if so at what price?

lrmobile_justin 12/5/2012 | 1:09:48 AM
re: Flarion Gears Up for 802.11 So this is what Flarion are saying at present(direct quote):

"Out of the box, Netgear will produce a WiFi router which can hold a FLASH-OFDM card (available for operator trials in November 2004)... ie. FLASH-OFDM provides the broadband connection... and WiFi "shares it". Netgear and Flarion will then integrate WiFi/FLASH-OFDM into routers and devices..."

Unstrung Justin
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