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6:00 PM -- Here at FiOS Tracker it is our policy that, while we love HDTV, there is some programming that is better off being banished to analog or not viewed all. Read on and we'll explain:

  • Verizon feels we should have as much HDTV content as possible, which now includes the Lifetime Network -- a channel featuring back-to-back episodes of the Golden Girls at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET. (FiOS Tracker reserves the right to withhold any explanation as to why it knows this information). The idea of Bea Arthur in HD makes us shudder.

  • Last week, in a major victory for beavers and ducks, Verizon won video franchises in 10 different Oregon municipalities.

  • Verizon did not stop there. Today they further tightened their grip on the "communities with few people" market by expanding FiOS TV service in Montgomery County, Md.

— Phil Harvey, Golden Girl, and Raymond McConville, Golden Boy, Light Reading

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