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3:00 PM -- Welcome back to the FiOS Tracker. Today, we've got baseball on our mind (we're usually thinking about fudge, beer, etc.) as Verizon continues to focus its FiOS TV deployment in Red Sox territory:

  • Before we talk baseball, apparently Verizon is set to launch three new HD channels in Florida and Texas markets. In Texas, the three channels will be NASCAR, Bull Riding, and the Great Dallas Mall Channel, so you can buy stuff from the Galleria, without getting stuck on I-635. In Florida the three channels will be NASCAR, NASCAR II, and a really loud Weather Channel for the oldsters.

  • Canton (not the Football Hall of Fame Canton) becomes community number 41 in Massachusetts to get FiOS TV. You gotta see the Sawx in fiber awptics.

  • But Verizon is a New York-based corporation, and today it added television service to its 31st and 32nd New York communities, which leads LR to suspect that there is a Boston bias within the company. Okay, FiOS TV is available in many New Jersey communities, and that technically counts as the New York metro area. But FiOS Tracker thinks that's silly. Much the same way that the big Cincinnati airport is actually located in Kentucky -- a jarring fact if you've never landed there before.

— Phil Harvey, Baseball Editor, and Raymond McConville, Third Base Coach, Light Reading

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