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11:45 AM -- From today's steaming PR pile: "On January 31, 2005, PicturePhone Direct intends to auction off its domain name 'picturephone.com', to the highest bidder. The opening bid will commence at $1,000,000."

Is PicturePhone Direct, a video conferencing company, trying to get rich quick?

Hard to say for sure. But the company does have a knack for cheesy promotion.

In 2001, PicturePhone Direct gave away a free e-book on its Web site: Jeremy Goldstein's "Success Without Boundaries – Wealth Without Risks."

The book, according to PicturePhone Direct, reveals how "the men and women who have acquired the foresight and creativity needed to make videoconferencing a reality within their own organizations" have "increased corporate and personal assets to numbers they barely imagined several years ago."

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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