Ooredoo, CommScope Improve Wireless Deployment

DOHA, Qatar -- In a major technology development for the mobile industry, Ooredoo has collaborated with CommScope to develop a new approach to building wireless networks, which will improve installation quality and on-going network performance and reduce deployment times, in an alliance that could have major benefits for operators around the world. The two companies have developed what is believed to be the world’s first factory-assembled tower tops for base station remote radios, which are pre-assembled according to a single global design standard. The aim of the tower top development is to create and maintain a future-ready network that is radio vendor agnostic, and does not require significant on-site remote radio modifications for future upgrades. Now Ooredoo and CommScope’s new tower top solution helps ensure that building cell sites is done right the first time. The pre-assembled tower tops provide greater network capacity, significantly reduces installation time and on-going electricity consumption, and frees-up valuable space at the top of the tower. CommScope Inc.

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