SlideshowNo Customer Downside in Dell's Wall Street Return

kq4ym 7/16/2018 | 8:14:44 AM
Re: Good Whether the stated purpose o the move that "simplifies Dell Technologies' capital and ownership structure," will benefit them in the long run remains to be seen of course, but the investors were surely happy to see the 8+ percent rise in the stock value on the move.
Michelle 7/4/2018 | 2:23:18 PM
Re: Good Ahh, it doesn't seem to be common for high profile companies. Thanks
Mitch Wagner 7/2/2018 | 11:34:32 PM
Re: Good I expect it's pretty rare. I can't think of another example though I am sure it has happened. 
Michelle 7/2/2018 | 7:25:05 PM
Good Is it common for a company to go public, revert back to private, then return to the market? I have only seen coverage of Dell doing this. 

At least the result has been good this time around.
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