Arkados Gets Patent

SAN FRANCISCO -- Arkados, Inc., the HomePlug(r) Applications Company(tm), today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted to Arkados U.S. patent No. 7,106,177 B2. The newly issued patent is directed to a method and system for modifying modulation of powerline communication signals for maximizing data throughput rate. The patented technology can be used in virtually all advanced powerline systems to increase the transmission of broadband communications signals over standard electricity lines.

The art of the powerline communication is complex, comparable to wireless technologies such as WiFi and WiMAX. Home power lines were originally created for the distribution of power at 50-60Hz, and as a result, present significant challenges for carrying networking and multimedia signals that are typically transmitted at higher frequencies. To tap into this almost ubiquitous medium for networking and multimedia distribution purposes, Arkados developed an astute methodology to overcome these inherent limitations and utilize the limited bandwidth available in the most efficient way, thereby maximizing the range of audio and video services that can be offered to the consumer.

"This patent underscores not only the foresight of the design team at Arkados, but also champions our vision of the powerline technology evolution," said Oleg Logvinov, Arkados president and CEO. "This is yet another perfect example of the exceptional engineering talent and industry-specific expertise that we alone can bring to the table, to enable our customers to quickly and cost-effectively deliver numerous full-featured, HomePlug products using our versatile ArkTIC(tm) platform."

Arkados Inc.

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