2005 Top Ten: Monkey Business

It's been quite a year for Light Reading's message boarders. We've seen the usual bannings, spammings, sniping, and a little something from Juniper Networks Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) no one was expecting. (See Juniper Sues LR Message Boarders and Juniper Complaint.)

Accounts were deactivated and posts were deleted but -- if you've got the intestinal fortitude for it -- the Juniper-related musings live on in a six-page complaint. Reactions have been strong. But what's worth noting is how Juniper has stirred up an existential stew. Should I post on a story about message board posters being sued? Where does the message board end and where do I begin? Have you heard about Tom Evslin? He's writing a novel:

    1: If you haven't seen it yet, Tom Evslin (former ceo of ITXC) is serializing a blog/book. He's using message board posts on the fictional company as a comical narrative device, like a shakespearean fool.

So as you can see, Juniper was not the only thing that had the message boards humming this past year. Dropping $241,000 at a strip bar provided some fodder and this keen observation:

    2: I want to know how he could physically have spent that much in one night. Even if he had a group of people. Think about it. and not in a sexual way - i just mean literally how could a group of people even buy enough lap dances and drinks to run a tab like that in one night?

It's a question for the ages. Another such question: Why are we here? Much ink has been spilled, but perhaps this sums it up best:

    3: I am certainly not an expert on this but the possibility that life on earth orginated by quantum level entities attaching themselves to molecules does seem rather outlandish.

Our blogs, with their propensity to veer beyond the telecom borders, rattled a few cages. (See Stupidity Spreading.) And even Light Reading's very own animal kingdom was not safe:

    4: The definition of stupidity spreading is LR making money based on keeping blogs for conceded idiots posing as animals that dispense their "morals" on an unsuspecting telecom readership... WOULD LR PLEASE PROVIDE AN IGNORE AUTHOR OPTION THAT WOULD APPLY TO LARRY AND RED [Panda]?

Nope. Hey man, we all crawled from the primordial ooze together:

    5: And how do you think "we" managed to crawl out of the ooze? "We" got 90% of the way there, without a backbone, 99% of the way there without legs. etc.

Here's some timely advice for those of us blindsided by the humbugs:
    6: I have been laid off at X-mas too, more than once! Have't [sic] you? I got over it. Get used to it.

I suppose that's how John Wayne would see it.

Like all great message board threads, there is a moment when it goes off the rails. You can either pull back or you can just keep going. When you open the gates, it's just what happens. So here, for your perusal, are two such examples. One contemplates the greatest motivating factor for technological advancement -- porn:

    7: I think Porn is a godsend for this industry; it is one of the true business success models of the internet, preceding Ebay, Amazon and Google. It helps to generate jobs in the industry by using vast amounts of bandwidth to send and resend jpgs via emails. Now that broadband is becoming more prevalent, the porn industry is stepping up to plate and putting streaming video on many websites, further bolstering bandwidth requirements.

We were all thinkin' it. And then, there's the nonsequitur. The cure for global warming has been found:

    8: The solution to all these is simple -- deploy channelized SONET. Don't ask me why.

And here is a weary prediction of the future:

    9: AOL, like Blockbuster, is a dinosaurs [sic] that will die because it cannot innovate fast enough.

Before dropping off the grid for the remainder of the year, we'd like to offer you a few parting words to grow on:

    10: [M]ost companies have learned to live with message boards and simply grown a thick skin, and know that -- as someone else appropriately stated -- people regard comments in message boards as graffiti.

That said, we'd like to offer our humble thanks to all of you out there on the Internet -- it rulz, apparently -- who have contributed to these and many other discussions. Let's hope no one gets sued in 2006. Actually...

Happy New Year, everyone! Don't go down without a fight!

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

CoolLightGeek 12/5/2012 | 4:09:55 AM
re: 2005 Top Ten: Monkey Business http://www.lightreading.com/bo...

Obviously, getting the monkey to give up really should make the top 10.

Remember, don't feed the monkey.
dljvjbsl 12/5/2012 | 2:47:34 AM
re: 2005 Top Ten: Monkey Business In regard to quotation #3, I still think it is rather outlandish but teh appended URL is a link to an earlier version of the idea. The biological cell is conjectured to use quantum effects in tis operation. This is linked to Roger Penrose's idea for quantum effects to be operative in the brain.

The author is a widely published scientist and Penrose is an historically significant mathematician. The Guardian is a quality UK newspaper. I find the quantum life idea outlandish but then what do I know compared to them.

dcb1994 12/5/2012 | 2:47:33 AM
re: 2005 Top Ten: Monkey Business A big news in telecom industry was reported yesterday. The famous telecom equipment vendor - Harbournetworks sell out its high-end product lines,covering BigHammer, GSRHammer, and PowerHammer series, to Siemens,for 110M$, ie. 880MRMB. Some core deveoping engineers and management will be transfered to Siemens along with the acquisition.

Harbournetworks was hurt badly by the lawsuit with Huawei and not-good-enough revenue number of this financial year. GÇ£the acquisition will help solve the lawsuit with HuaweiGÇ¥, an insider said. The acquisition means Harbournetwork wonGÇÖt play at the telecom equipment arena so that it no longer compete against Huawei directly at China.

The acquisition is very meaningful to Harbournetworks, Siemens and Huawei, and even to the whole telecom equipment industry, including Cisco, Juniper. Because Siemens will be competing more effectively at the communication market, not only at Europe, but also at other regions, while Harbournetworks will be focusing on enterprise market.

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