FCC Mulls Spectrum Auction for Public Safety

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has proposed that spectrum for public-safety usage be put up again for auction under rules that would be more lenient than those that stifled a bid earlier this year for the D block airwaves.

The FCC is expected to take up at its Sept. 25 meeting Martin's proposal that the entire D block be eligible for sale for $750 million -- well below the $1.3 billion reserve that had been set for the D block earlier this year in the sale of 700-MHz airwaves. That auction produced nearly $20 billion in bids for spectrum for commercial usage.

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— W. David Gardner, InformationWeek

wap545 12/5/2012 | 3:32:50 PM
re: FCC Mulls Spectrum Auction for Public Safety This whole re-auction is a joke. VZW is positioned to be the only provider in any position to benefit from this new D Block auction.
1. They own the contiguous C Block of 700Mhz they won recently.
2. They are already lined up (under contract)to provide the Federal Government with a comparable 700Mhz Wireless Network for all Federal Offices Nationwide-In short they will deploy on same Towers and use the same backhaul for both Networks-big value.
3. VZW and AT&T have already smoozed the FCC into limiting all the 700Mhz spectrum (recently auctioned)to only work with a FDD type technology, only available to the new LTE networks. Since the WiMAX forum has not officially released a FDD based WiMAX capability any potential competitors would be out of luck.
4. A true 4G network requires at minimum 20-30 MHz of spectrum to be viable. The nets would really prefer something like 60Mhz. Look what the FCC did in last auction. Limited most of the Lower Band 700Mhz spectrum to 2each 6Mhz channels which are effectively of little value for any 4G network. In short providing VZW with a distinct advantage.

In short, VZW will bid and win the nationwide D block for $750Million and proceed to dominate these new 4G space.
Meanwhile Clearwire will struggle with its lame 2.5Ghz based WiMAX network (will not succeed in addressing heavy canopied rural markets)
They need to come up with spectrum under 1Ghz if they are to play on a nationwide basis.

Jim A
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