Extended Systems – Stop Me Before I Buy Again

Mobile enterprise software vendor Extended Systems says it might just be tempted to stick its hand back in the cookie jar and buy some more companies in its sector, if the conditions are right.

Last week, the firm announced plans to acquire ViaFone Inc. for its WAP capabilities. This follows the acquisition of application developer AppReach Inc. in February.

Extended Systems, which itself narrowly avoided being snapped up by handheld maker Palm Inc. this time last year, says it's all about extending the capabilities of its core mobile enterprise synchronization software.

So Unstrung asked if the company would be doing more to help the move toward consolidation in the mobile enterprise software market. "Certainly, where they are as complementary as ViaFone, we'll be considering it," says Don Baumgartner, vice president of worldwide marketing.

We wonder if Extended's next buy might be in the mobile management sector. The company has already added some basic backup and restore functions to its platform. Could it be tempted to pump up those features if the price were right?

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung
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