Slightly Sugary Standard

1:30 PM -- Telecom abbreviations: Dontcha just hate 'em?

OFDM, FTTx, LMDS, TD-SCDMA… each one a mouthful of hassle.

But things have just been cranked up a notch. From the deluge of dross that dumps itself in my inbox each day I plucked out a press release, mainly because I wanted to see if the sender, a PR practitioner called Tuesday Peckett, was, in fact, a real person. (She is. And yes, she is named after Tuesday Weld.)

I digress. What I found was news that mobile email specialist AxisMobile is supporting a new Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) mobile email standard called License to Enhance Mobile Oriented and Diverse Endpoints, or… wait for it… LEMONADE.

The cool, refreshing mobile email standard, surely?

And I wonder if any of the standards bodies has draft papers on Service Provider Realtime Interactive TV Engine (SPRITE) or Carrier Optical Layer Aggregation (COLA) on the go?

— Ray Le Maistre, International Acronym Editor (IAE), Light Reading

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