Reding's At It Again

11:30 AM -- Mobile operators, beware. European Commissioner Viviane Reding has got a bee in her bonnet about your mobile termination rates -- you know, those regulated wholesale charges other operators pay you to connect to your network, which are a substantial portion of your revenues.

She likes the French regulator Arcep 's way of dealing with these termination rates. And that means more price cuts could be on the way for European operators. (See EC Supports ARCEP.)

If mobile operators thought they had it bad with the recent cuts to roaming fees, more termination rate cuts will really hurt. (See UK Mobile Rate Cut Includes 3G Costs, Carriers Wrestle With Roaming Caps, EU Roaming Caps Closer to Reality, EU Reaches Roaming Agreement, Reding Riles Mobile TV Players, and EC Tackles Termination.)

— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Light Reading

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