Post Office Delivers Broadband

12:30 PM -- Now I've heard it all. The U.K. Post Office just launched a pre-pay broadband service aimed at the "NETSKI" market. The charming term NETSKI stands for Net (as in Internet) + SKI (spending kids' inheritance). NETSKIs are 50- to 65-year-olds with lots of money to squander.

This is the Post Office's first broadband service, but not its first entry into telecom services. It launched a home landline service back in 2005.

Personally, I am not enthused about another new service from the Post Office. Ever since they were allowed to start selling extra products and services a few years ago, trips to my local Post Office have gone something like this:

    Me: Hi, I'd like to post this letter to the States, please.

    Post Office: OK. May I ask, do you have a credit card?

    Me: Yes. And I'm not interested in another one. I'd just like to send this letter today.

    PO: Would you like to have another one?

    Me: No. This letter, I'd like to post it to the States, please.

    PO: Are you planning any trips soon?

    Me: No. So how much will it cost to post this letter?

    PO: Because we offer travel insurance now.

    Me: Fascinating. About my letter…

    PO: And if you need currencies, we offer competitive exchange rates now.

    Me: Letter. Stamp. Need one. How much?

    PO: Of course, we can also insure your car, home, van, and can provide life insurance, too.

    Me: Yes, but can you sell me a stamp?

    PO: Perhaps I can interest you in a personal loan.

    Me: No, thank you.

    PO: Mortgage?

    Me: No.

    PO: Personal banking?

    Me: No, no, no, no. Really, PLEASE, will you just post this letter?
Honestly, the last thing the Post Office needs is another service to sell. And NETSKI is a terrible acronym.

— Michelle Donegan, Going Postal Editor, Light Reading

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