Name of the Week

8:45 AM -- When it comes to company names, very little surprises the Light Reading staff any more, though we all did a double-take recently when Boring Business Systems appeared on the radar. (See How Boring Is This?)

But this morning's news of an acquisition by mobile phone multimedia systems vendor PacketVideo Corp. had us checking the calendar –- was it April Fool's Day already?


Because announcing the takeover of a company called TwonkyVision has got to be a joke, right?

Apparently not. The TwonkyVision team is based in Berlin, and has been "driving innovation in the connected media area since its inception and has developed proven, high-performance universal plug-and-play (UpnP) audio-video middleware," including a software development kit called TwonkyMedia.

And before you ask, the CEO is, unfortunately, not called Mrs. Twonky -- it's Angela Scheller, PhD.

— Ray Le Maistre, TwonkyTrivia Editor, Light Reading

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