Is This the Device of the Year?

If you subscribe to the theory that voice is the killer app (and who in their right mind wouldn't?) then you'll always want to use a communications device that can deliver a crystal clear call and help you look stylish at the same time. One industry expert who knows more than the average person should do about modern communications devices is Ben Wood, lead research analyst at U.K.-based CCS Insight and, in my view, the go-to individual for independent analysis of the smartphone market. That doesn't mean Wood doesn't appreciate some last-century handset aesthetics -- here he is taking a break from a full morning of Ericsson AB presentations at the Sanderson Hotel in London.
CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood calls
the 19th century

As well as being a leading industry analyst and game for a laugh, Wood also knows more than most about the new venue for this year's Mobile World Congress, because he's been there. Check out his blog to find out more. He told me that the new venue is a real step up from the previous location and that his only concern is about the (somewhat restricted) transport network connections to the show. When I suggested this was a classic backhaul infrastructure problem, Wood quite rightly gave me a clip around the ear and called me a "plumbing geek" (which I took to be a compliment). He did, though, have a suggestion about how to avoid the transport crush. "If you've got a helicopter then you'll be OK!" That's us sorted, then… — Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

bobmachin 2/20/2013 | 4:43:24 PM
re: Is This the Device of the Year? 70K and one train route? Could be worse than the 7.12 from Haslemere...
Gabriel Brown 2/20/2013 | 11:54:45 AM
re: Is This the Device of the Year? Hi millomar -- so, if you're staying in central Barcelona,-á-áyou go to Plaza Espanya like normal, and then walk or catch the bus?
millomar 2/20/2013 | 8:28:26 AM
re: Is This the Device of the Year? I have been to the new place as well. -áThe train is not bad as long as there are enough of them. You need to change with a long walk at Plaza Espanya. -áI except that's where the bottleneck is going to be. -áSo it takes longer to get there. -áBut on the other hand it will be further for protesters to travel so it reduces the chances of disruption from that quarter.

More importantly Ericsson will be right at home. -áThere is an Ikea next door. Meatballs anyone?
mendyk 2/19/2013 | 8:46:14 PM
re: Is This the Device of the Year? Skateboards.
Phil Harvey 2/19/2013 | 3:02:12 PM
re: Is This the Device of the Year? Sorry to say we don't have a helicopter in the budget this year. We'll just have to settle for arriving late for everything.-á
Ray Le Maistre 2/18/2013 | 3:06:46 PM
re: Is This the Device of the Year? Serious point -- Wood says the new MWC showgrounds are fab but, even though he visited when it was empty, the thought of 70k+ people trying to use buses and one overground train route (no subway/metro trains go to the new venue) was a concern.

I do wonder how much productivity at the show will be impacted as a result of people-ábeing delayed getting to the grounds and then being on unfamiliar turf...
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