Google Plays With the Pixies

11:40 AM -- It'd be fun to think that Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) might have decided to acquire LabPixies just for the comical name, but the move, which cost the Web giant a reported $25 million, is no joke.

While Google notes in its blog announcement how LabPixies has been busy building apps (or Web gadgets) that can be incorporated into personalized iGoogle pages, the Israeli startup's code can also be loaded onto Android devices and other multimedia handsets, including the iPhone.

And Google, of course, is very focused on making its mark in the mobile world just now. (See Google Leans on Vodafone in Europe and Gadget Watch: Google's Nexus Spreads.)

So no laughing at the back please -- this is serious stuff, and not just an opportunity to link to a picture of some pixies.

Yes, we are that inane.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Pixie Editor, Light Reading

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