EC Vote Delayed

10:25 AM -- A planned European Parliament vote on capping mobile roaming charges has been postponed, as telecom ministers from the European Union's member states and the European Commission thrash out a mutually acceptable agreement.

A vote had been planned for the May 9-10 sitting of the European Parliament, but, according to a spokesman, it was called off while negotiations among the Parliament, the EC, and the Council of national telecom ministers continue. He says the aim is to secure a "first-reading agreement" and hold a vote during the May 21-24 sitting in Strasbourg.

The issue is delicate, as it involves a potentially enormous cut in the roaming charges that mobile operators in EE markets will be allowed to charge. (See EU Roaming Caps Closer to Reality and EU's Roaming Kickback.)

— Ray Le Maistre, International Charges Editor, Light Reading

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