CEO Bites on Danish

8:00 AM -- If you bump into Jens Alder in 2007, please ask him this question. Is it easier to work with private equity executives who are looking for a big pay day, or government officials whose decisions are informed by micro and macro politics?

Alder should be able to answer. He quit as CEO of Swisscom AG (NYSE: SCM) in January this year as he couldn't stand the ongoing political interference from Swiss government officials, particularly regarding M&A activities. (See Another Euro CEO Quits.)

In June he was named as the next CEO of Danish incumbent TDC A/S (Copenhagen: TDC), but he has only just signed a contract, and will start his new role on November 1.

TDC may just provide Alder with a different set of management challenges, as the Danish firm was acquired by a consortium of five private equity firms in January this year. (See TDC Unveils $12B Offer and NTC Completes TDC Offer.)

With Alder ready to take on that particular money-making role, we're wondering whether his former neighbor, Heinz Sundt, who quit the CEO role at Telekom Austria AG (NYSE: TKA; Vienna: TKA) around the same time as Alder threw in the towel at Swisscom (and for similar reasons), might also reappear elsewhere in Euro telecom. A quick Google search shows he is on the conference circuit at the moment. (See Telekom Austria CEO Quits.)

— Ray Le Maistre, European Gossip Editor, Light Reading

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