A Mobile Too Far

4:00 PM -- OK, so it's been said plenty of times before that mobile phones are becoming way too complicated and multifunctional for (ordinary) people to be able to manage.

But while it's not an original topic, any article called To hell in a handset has got to be worth a read.

Especially when it has pearls of insight such as:
    Mobiles have become so much the focus of consumer technology that you might as well drop not just your watch, but your iPod, DVD camera, digital camera, calculator, alarm clock, diary, address book and PlayStation in the canal and go out with one sleek piece of kit. Soon you might even be able to burn your books because you'll have them on your mobile-cum-iTablet. One problem: you'll get mugged for your high-spec ponce-a-phone as soon as you pull it out of your trousers in public.

Read the complete article at the Guardian Unlimited Website by clicking on this link.

— Ray Le Maistre, Technology Dunce, Light Reading

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