3GSM by the Numbers

8:20 AM -- It's the final day of the 3GSM event in Barcelona, and we've been collecting some numbers during the course of this week. Here are the most significant ones.

  • 2 billion+: the number of GSM subscribers in the world
  • 1,300: the number of exhibitors at this event, including many non-mobile-specific names such as Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO)
  • 50,000+: the number of visitors to the event, according to the organizer, the GSM Association (GSMA)
  • Too many: the number of times vendor CEOs used the word "leverage" and the phrase "end-to-end solution" during Thursday morning's equipment company keynote presentation
  • 3: the number of hours you had to wait to report a crime in Barcelona on Monday evening this week, according to one frustrated delegate who was a pickpocket victim. Just like last year, the number of people who have had wallets, phones, and laptops stolen is staggering.
  • 5,000: the rumored number of additional sex workers who came to Barcelona this week for the duration of the event
  • 5: the number of tapas dishes I managed to eat before forcing myself to stop Wednesday evening, including patatas bravas and calamares to kill for…

    — Ray Le Maistre, Statistics Editor, Light Reading

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