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Euronews: Nokia Loses Market Share, Tries Metal

Nokia Corp., Vodafone Group plc and BT Group plc loom large in today's trawl of the EMEA headlines.
  • Nokia lost nearly 5 percent of its global market share in mobile phones in the first quarter, according to a Gartner report cited by Reuters. Samsung Corp. remains market leader, with a 23.6 percent share, compared with Nokia's 14.8 percent and Apple Inc.'s 9 percent. (See Nokia on the Road to Hell? and Euronews: Nokia Can't Stop Devices Slide.)
  • Maybe a little aluminum is the answer? That is what Nokia clearly hopes with the launch today of its Lumia 925, which ditches the "My First Mobile" look of brightly colored polycarbonate favored for the other Lumia models and adopts more of an iPhone feel. "We realized that some people like metal," said the Steve Buscemi lookalike Nokia guy doing the webcast. We don't think he meant this. (See Analyst Labels Latest Lumia Launch as 'Tepid'.)
  • Zut alors! The French government is planning to introduce a "smartphone tax" on all mobile devices to help raise money for content creators, according to a report in the Financial Times (subscription required). In practice, this could mean a levy of 4 percent on the sale of all such devices in France.
  • U.K.-based Vodafone is set to receive a "surprise" US$3.2 billion dividend from Verizon Wireless, reports the Daily Telegraph. Vodafone holds a 45 percent stake in Verizon Wireless, which the U.S. mobile operator would like to get its hands on. (See Verizon Could Pay VOD $130B+ for Wireless Stake.)
  • BT is having problems delivering its Ethernet services on schedule, according to a report on Reuters. The operator sent an email to clients admitting that measures to address the backlog had "not yet delivered the levels of improvements we have been looking for." — Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

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    emlimo 6/28/2013 | 11:55:16 AM
    re: Euronews: Nokia Loses Market Share, Tries Metal You are right sir.
    lanbrown 5/14/2013 | 6:01:28 PM
    re: Euronews: Nokia Loses Market Share, Tries Metal The answer is simple for Nokia; you need to offer more than just WP. Consumers voted long before you released the first Lumia handset and the verdict was; not interested. Nokia selling WP handsets was not going to turn tide for WP at all.

    Nokia should be looking at Sailfish, Ubuntu and Firefox. If they don't want Android, fine, time to look at alternatives then.
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