Euro WiMax M&A Action

2:05 PM -- Hey there, Broadbanders!

NextWave Wireless Inc. (Nasdaq: WAVE) shook up the Euro WiMax scene this week as its majority owned European subsidiary Inquam Broadband GmbH agreed to buy a 65 percent stake in regional operator WiMAX Telecom GmbH . The deal adds Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic to Inquam's European footprint, which includes Germany and Switzerland. (See NextWave Buys Into More Euro WiMax, Nextwave Buys Euro Spectrum, Inquam lands Another Euro WiMax License, Inquam Gets Swiss WiMax License, and Euro WiMax RFPs Heat Up.)

The French WiMax market also had a tumultuous week when a consortium between Altitude Telecom and APRR (Paris-Rhine-Rhone Motorways), which owns 13 licenses in the 3.4 GHz to 3.6 GHz range, split up. Altitude Telecom created a new subsidiary called Altistream and will get 11 of the licenses, while APRR will get the remaining two licenses. French regulator Arcep approved the split and reallocation of licenses.

Here's a little sampler from the rest of the wireless broadband world.

Is Email the WiMax killer app?
Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) published results this week from a survey of consumer Internet users and found that 49 percent of them would like to use WiMax to read or send emails. About one third said they would view real-time online media.

Verizon's Path to 4G
Actual news from NXTcomm! Verizon Wireless says it will be ready for 4G by the end of the decade. (See NXTComm: Moto, VZ Talk 4G & TV.)

UK Broadband Wants Mobility
U.K. regulator Ofcom launched a consultation to consider changing the terms of UK Broadband Ltd. 's fixed wireless broadband 3.5 GHz license to include mobility. (See Ofcom Issues WiMax Consultation.)

All You Can Eat?
More operators launched new and improved flat-rate data offers this week, hoping the simpler tariffs will entice users to surf the mobile Net. (See Telia Intros Flat Rate, Telenor Intros Flat Rate, and Vodafone Flattens Rate.)

In-Flight Calls
No more need for "in-flight mode." Soon you'll be able to use your mobile in the air in Europe.

There goes the WiMax speed record.


— The Staff, Unstrung

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