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By Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, 11/4/2013
Dell's Chief Ethernet Evangelist John D'Ambrosia talks about the Ethernet wow moments that gained him a place in the Light Reading Hall of Fame.
By Light Reading, 10/28/2013
Saenger discusses tw telecom's innovation in the Ethernet space as both a service and distribution model.
By Caroline Chappell, Contributing Analyst, Heavy Reading, 10/18/2013
Operators and vendors have so far mainly focused on the capabilities and benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) with little thought about ...
By Light Reading, 10/14/2013
Backstage at the Light Reading Leading Lights 2013 awards, the winners, and a Hall of Fame inductee, deliver their acceptance speeches.
By Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, 10/10/2013
The annual Leading Lights awards party had a full house on October 1, when more than 220 industry executives descended upon The OUT Hotel in New York City to mingle, enjoy cocktails and ...
By Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading, 10/9/2013
No matter whether it's under-hyped or over-hyped right now, software-defined networking (SDN) will disrupt and transform the telecom industry over the next few years, leading to new ...
By Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 10/7/2013
NEW YORK -- Ethernet & SDN Expo -- Demand for 10Gbit/s Ethernet access is growing fast enough that Telco Systems last week launched its first network interface device designed to make it ...
latest comment Carol Wilson Patrick - are many companies doing that? 
By Dan O'Shea, Analyst, Heavyreading.com, 10/7/2013
Here's a brief list of things that have been called under-hyped in recent days, according to my own ears:
By Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 10/4/2013
NEW YORK -- Ethernet & SDN Expo -- Verizon Wireless CTO Nicola Palmer is on the hunt for small cells, but she wants them fast and on the cheap.
By Dan O'Shea, Analyst, Heavyreading.com, 10/4/2013
NEW YORK -- Ethernet & SDN Expo -- So many different visions for software-defined networking (SDN) were discussed here this week that many of the 1,300-plus attendees may have felt their ...
By Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 10/4/2013
NEW YORK -- Ethernet & SDN Expo -- One persistent message coming from this event is that today's operations and support systems (OSSs) are thoroughly unprepared to address the requirements ...
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Gaining the Edge: 5G & the Future of Data Center Interconnect

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As 5G gains momentum, many are wondering what impact it will have on the data center industry. Find out how 5G will transform data center infrastructure and how the industry will evolve to support robust network architectures and the need for powerful edge computing.
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Key Requirements for 5G Networks

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Ron Parker, Affirmed's vice president of software and systems architecture, explains some of the key attributes that 5G networks must have for network operators to innovate and be successful with upcoming 5G services.
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Zayo's Brian Daniels: Fiber Holds Key to Unlocking Millimeter Wave's Potential

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As speedy millimeter wave technology gets deployed to fill some important gaps in super-dense urban areas and even some rural regions, the potential of these new wireless offerings will be limited if not properly backed up by rich fiber networks, Zayo's Brian Daniels explains.
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AT&T's Phillips: Career Sponsorship Goes Both Ways

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DENVER -- Big 5G Event -- AT&T's Shay Phillips explains "Tall Poppy Syndrome" which can negatively affect women in leadership roles as others may try to cut them down to size. To better support women in comms, Phillips encourages her peers to identify a career sponsor, an advocate who provides workplace advice and challenges colleagues to take on new roles and ...
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A Coherent Take on NGON & DCI World

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Heavy Reading's optical guru Sterling Perrin highlights some key trends from the NGON & DCI World event in Nice, including 'Beyond Coherent,' what 400ZR really means for the market, the latest on 5G transport and the FUDfest that is Huawei.
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Verizon's Dennis Ong: Vehicle Autonomy to Arrive in Phases

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Personal autonomous vehicles is a long-term focus of the 5G network, but the nearer-term reality will more likely involve autonomous shuttles in smart cities, aided by AI-empowered cameras, Verizon's Dr. Dennis Ong predicts.
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Sprint's Campbell: 5G Is Getting Real – Now What?

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Sprint's mobile 5G launch could happen in the next few days. But the real question is what the industry will do with 5G once it launches.
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Big 5G Event Panel: Maximizing 5G ROI – The Business Case for 5G

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Verizon's Nicki Palmer, AT&T's Igor Glubochansky, C Spire's Craig Sparks, Cincinnati Bell's Tom Simpson and CTIA's Tom Sawanobori join Light Reading's Mike Dano to discuss how 5G will really pay off for carriers.
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Optical's Shifting Sands

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The global optical networking market has been worth in the region of $15 billion for the past year, but while that number has varied only slightly year to year, what has changed is the nature of the investments and who's splashing the cash.
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CenturyLink Dives Into Services Deployed at the Deep Edge

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DENVER -- Big 5G Event -- Much of the 5G conversation is dominated by mobile network operators, but CenturyLink's Kevin McBride explains why it's a "great time to be wireline." CenturyLink is having key conversations with mobile network operators about their RAN and how to connect their antennas with CenturyLink's fiber network. In addition, McBride describes the ...
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MetTel's Silber: 5G Transforms Business Models

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MetTel's Max Silber, the carrier's vice president of mobility, says 5G transforms business for both MetTel and its enterprise customers. 5G will help MetTel meet its enterprise customers' agility demands. "We're in a click-to-buy generation -- everyone wants instant gratification," Silber says. And 5G will give enterprises the opportunity to become more agile as ...
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Big 5G Event Keynote: Sprint's Mishka Dehghan

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Mishka Dehghan is vice president of 5G development for Sprint Business, and she talked about the future that we can enable with 5G at the Big 5G Event in Denver on May 8, 2019.