Wireless Blues

12:20 PM -- Spent yesterday working from Starbucks while my car was in the shop. Things not to like about that:

  • Cramped small tables

  • $10 for a day's access. There's a local coffee shop I prefer that has free access and larger tables (and plentiful wall sockets for that all-precious electricity) -- but to get there via bus would have taken too long.

  • It didn't happen this time, but this Starbucks sometimes has a 3:00 p.m. storytelling hour. It's hard to sit there clacking away at the laptop while moms and little kids are trying to listen to a story. No one asked me to leave last time, but I got guilted into moving outside.

  • Outside: Too much glare, too much breeze. Outside bad.

  • Not that this has anything to do with the WiFi, but does everybody at Starbucks have to order some triple-whip soy ice-cream frappa-Frankenstein cocktail? Don't try to turn the stuff into candy; if you don't like the taste of coffee, then stop drinking coffee.

    Interesting part: WiMax can fix only one of these things, and it probably won't.

    — Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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