WiMax Gets Small

Hi there, Broadbanders.

Unstrung has been getting small this week, digging into how Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) might use home base stations to boost WiMax coverage. One of the fascinating aspects of this developing story is how Sprint is going to pay for all of its indoor and outdoor WiMax deployments.

The operator has already hinted that it might adopt a hotspot-like model for deployments in malls and large public spaces, where the building owners opt to put some cash behind the rollout. Just shows you how WiFi hotspots – as maligned as they often are – have helped to change operators' thinking on how to approach new wireless broadband deployments. (See Sprint Goes Femto With WiMax and Sprint Taking WiMax Indoors.)

On with the wireless highlights:

WiMax in the works
There have been several notable new WiMax rollouts unveiled this week. Nortel Networks Ltd. will deploy one of its first networks using the technology in Illinois and Iowa. China's first WiMax network will be built in the city of Tianjin. Meanwhile, a nationwide network is being planned in South Africa. South Carolina's statewide wireless broadband network is also creeping towards approval. (See also Radford Deploys Proxim.)

London Fields
Arguably the biggest mesh deployment of the week was The Cloud unwiring the financial heart of the City of London.

View the mesh
SkyPilot Networks Inc. has come up with a new way to look at muni WiFi networks by combining its management software with the Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Earth mapping application to give network admins a bird's eye view of the mesh they're in.

David vs. David
Can mesh kill WiMax? Some folks think so, although neither technolgy seems to be the obvious Goliath in this battle yet.

Helio Inc. ditches little-used convergence service.

WiFi health scare
Is 802.11 bad for you or not? Have your say: Click WiFi Health Scare Redux.


— The Staff, Unstrung

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