Will S.Lo Show at Aruba?

Light Reading's sister site Unstrung is tracking the CEO search at Aruba Networks Inc., which is in the hunt for a big-name CEO.

Word is, the company feels it's got the technical and visionary skill -- now it needs a glittery CEO with experience to lead it to the big stage.

Selina Lo, former vice president of product management at Alteon, consults for Aruba and is also an investor in the company. She could be in the running for the top spot.

To read the full scoop, including what Aruba's public relations expert thinks of Lo's shoe budget, follow the story on Unstrung.

— The Staff, Light Reading
BobbyMax 12/5/2012 | 12:36:53 AM
re: Will S.Lo Show at Aruba? It is almost certain that the wireless industry will meet the same fate as the datacoms.The process of making similar products have already started. Newcomers and slicks have already started many wireless compan\ies.

Let everyone be careful.
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