What Price a New Logo?

1:00 PM -- One rumor at 3GSM in Barcelona this week was that the new Nokia Networks logo, pictured below, had cost $5 million to create. (See Nokia Siemens Reveals Product Picks and Nokia, Siemens Create Networks Giant.)

This outrageous suggestion was quickly stomped by one of the parent companies. "While I won't confirm a number, I will say that any suggestion that we spent $5 million on the logo is wildly out of touch with reality," insisted a Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK) spokesman.

Funny he should say that: I encountered quite a number of mobile industry executives who were wildly out of touch with reality during the past week, most of whom were to be found in the tapas bars of Barcelona's Old Town. (See 3GSM: The Vino & The Damage Done.)

— Ray Le Maistre, Funky Designs Editor, Light Reading

digits 12/5/2012 | 3:14:19 PM
re: What Price a New Logo? Now that AlcaLu and Nokia Siemens Networks (Nosine?) have new logos, surely Ericsson, which has transformed in the past 18 months by buying Marconi and Redback, must surely come up with a new look?

The current logo, if you call it that, just doesn't cut it. So come on, Mr Svanberg, get your design agency on the case!


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