We're Open – But Not to Microsoft

"Openness is the only way forward -- we are extremely committed to this." So said Niklas Savandar, VP and general manager at Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK) during the Finnish firm's Mobile Internet Conference in Munich.

"We are very passionate about openness. With openness you get multiple, independent implementations available. We admit that in the past we haven't always followed the [route to] openness, but we do now, and we will."

That is so lovely! Unstrung is sure the rest of the industry will find this a tonic and be encouraged by such a positive and transparent outlook.

So caught up were we in the spirit of openness (don't worry, I have nearly finished overusing that word), that we felt compelled to ask an open question in front of an audience of a few hundred. "Will Nokia's new spirit of openness mean that you may use Microsoft Corp.'s operating system on your devices at some point in the future?"

Oh, how the mood changed. "We have no plans for that. Next," blurted Nokia Mobile Phones executive vice president Anssi Vanjoki.

Strewth, that openness craze was short lived, wasn't it?

— Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung
spc_King 12/4/2012 | 9:22:13 PM
re: We're Open – But Not to Microsoft Ray, remind me not to invite you to any public meetings :-)

Just kidding. You're cynisism is much appreciated!

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