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Weapon of Mobile Destruction

Forget about Nokia and Motorola, Taiwanese manufacturer Motedo Co. Ltd. has invented what could be the most stunning feature ever seen on a mobile phone – a 180,000 volt stun gun built right into the phone casing!

The phone is ideal for use on (or by) muggers and street robbers and, according to www.defensivedevices.com, is police tested and will cause the average human being to crumple like a wet paper sack after a just a single, two-second application. No muss, no fuss... So simple, a child could do it!

It’s available for $65.95 and ships with a free genu-wine leather carrying case with slide-on belt clip, perfect for quick-draw.

Please address all comments and inquiries to [email protected]. — Gabriel Brown, Research Analyst, Unstrung

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