VoLGA: Dead or Alive?

5:30 PM -- Here's the thing, some of our readers are pretty sure that VoLGA is dead, but it seems nobody remembered to tell T-Mobile International AG .

The international mobile operator is currently using the Voice over LTE via Generic Access specification for LTE test calls.

"This serves as a first step to prepare networks for the industry-agreed mid- and long-term solution for voice over LTE that will be based on IMS," says Uwe Janssen, senior vice president of core networks at Deutsche Telekom, in a release. So what do you think readers? Is VoLGA truly dead, or does it have at least a limited life as a stop-gap before IMS? — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

lrmobile_kampar 12/5/2012 | 3:51:09 PM
re: VoLGA: Dead or Alive?

Two thoughts spring to mind ...

1. Will every operator who wants to deploy LTE really spend all the time, money and effort to just replicate in IMS what is available with the current voice service already?  Maybe the CFO's in these companies might have something to say about this, could those dollars be spent on new applications in the IMS insead?  Perhaps 'interim' but 'working' voice over LTE solutions may be more than "something that has a limited life as a stop gap until VoIMS comes along".

2. So there is now a working VoLGA system in a real Tier 1 operators LTE network using equipment from multiple vendors just a few months after the VoLGA standard was finalized.  When do you think we will see working CSFB systems in live LTE networks using equipment from multiple vendors?


freetoair 12/5/2012 | 3:51:06 PM
re: VoLGA: Dead or Alive? Ask the 3GPP chairman or google and you find it is not being worked on in 3GPP. Maybe the CFO's are looking at the cost of adding another box (VoLGA) in the network? Or the system engineers who are looking at flattening the network, not adding another element?
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