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Veraz Nips at Nortel

10:25 AM -- These are troubled times for the crew at Nortel Networks Ltd. , following years of turmoil that have ended with ended with the company seeking protection from its creditors. (See Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection and The Decline & Fall of Nortel Networks.)

Nortel's move has triggered various responses from the market, many supportive. Not all, though. Two cases spring to mind -- and it almost seems like a case of V for Vendetta.

The first, from Vyatta Inc. , is almost unbelievable in tone, and has to be read to be believed. There's little to add to its statement, which lingers unpleasantly in the mind and triggers expletives normally only used by British soccer fans. (See Vyatta Apologizes to Nortel.)

The second is more measured, and, while predatory, at least isn't insulting or surprising.

Softswitch vendor Veraz Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: VRAZ) is targeting Nortel's traditional voice switch customers with an offer to replace Nortel DMS circuit switches with its Multimedia Generation Network VOIP gear, and has launched a specific "Nortel replacement program" to appeal to DMS switch users. (See Veraz Offers Nortel Replacement .)

"Nortel’s recent bankruptcy filing and shift in focus toward enterprise customers leaves many service providers uncertain of on-going support from Nortel for their legacy DMS switches," states the Veraz press release.

"Nortel’s service provider customers need a way to quickly migrate their critical network assets to platforms from vendors committed to their business,” Veraz's CEO Doug Sabella is quoted as saying.

Expect more of the same -- let's just hope no one uses Vyatta's approach as a template.

— Ray Le Maistre, International News Editor, Light Reading

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